Common Types of Sewer Line Problems

Common Types of Sewer Line Problems

As it is the largest and most important drain in your home, problems with your main sewer line can cause problems with your entire plumbing system. If these issues are not addressed, then they can eventually cause your sewer line to collapse and fail. A collapsed sewer line on your Edmonton property can cause expensive damage. At Lavenders Contracting, we help prevent collapsed sewer lines in Edmonton by providing sewer line repair and replacement services.

If you suspect a problem with your sewer line, then you'll want to schedule a camera sewer line inspection in Edmonton to diagnose sewer line issues such as:


One of the most common issues with any home sewer line is a clog. Thankfully, clogs can largely be avoided as long as nobody in the home uses the plumbing system as a garbage disposal. Never flush anything down the toilet that isn't meant to be flushed, and keep food and cooking oil out of the kitchen sink.

Tree Root Infiltration 

You might be surprised to find out that another leading cause of sewer line clogs is tree root infiltration. Roots tend to grow around and inside sewer lines in search of water and nutrients. If left to grow unchecked, tree roots can eventually cause a collapsed sewer line on your Edmonton property.

Sagging Pipe 

Older sewer lines are often susceptible to sagging and dropping below the appropriate grade for the line. This creates a section of pipe where waste can easily become trapped, contributing to the development of clogs.


Another common cause of collapsed sewer lines in Edmonton is corrosion. Any pipes that are not made of PVC and that are getting on in age are susceptible to developing rust and deteriorating to the point that proper flow through the sewer line is restricted.


Cracks can develop on a sewer line because of tree roots, rust, frozen ground, shifting soil, or simply due to age. As the pipe grows older and weaker, pressure on the outside and the inside of the line can further cause the cracks to expand.

Leaking Joints 

Tree roots, shifting soil, and the freeze and thaw cycle can also damage the alignment of joints and connections, causing the joints to leak. If the leak is not repaired, then water will seep into the surrounding area and further weaken the sewer line.

Diagnose the Problem with a Camera Sewer Line Inspection in Edmonton 

Fixing a sewer line first requires an accurate diagnosis of the issue. With a camera sewer line inspection in Edmonton from Lavenders Contracting, you'll know exactly what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it. Based on the video, Lavenders Contracting will provide you with a free and accurate estimate of the cost of necessary line repairs. The video holds us accountable and gives you peace of mind knowing you've made the right choice.

For more information on sewer line problems and camera sewer line inspections in Edmonton, just contact Lavenders Contracting today.

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