Fire hydrant services in Edmonton Alberta

Fire Hydrants: A Crucial Part of Your Fire Safety Plan

Fire hydrants and fire hydrant services in Edmonton are a necessary component of protecting your commercial or residential property in the event of a fire. They provide an unlimited source of water for firefighters to put out a blaze. In order to do so, however, they must be properly installed and maintained by a company providing fire hydrant services in Edmonton such as Lavenders Contracting Ltd.

Here are some helpful guidelines for assessing your fire hydrant's function, location, and maintenance needs.

Fire Hydrant Assessment Guidelines

Fire hydrants must meet strict assessment guidelines so that the responding firefighters can utilize them to their full capacity. Here are four important points to be aware of:

1. Fire hydrants should be situated in an easily accessible location with no obstructions. Firefighters need to be able to access water as quickly as possible when they arrive on site.

2. Fire hydrants should be anchored firmly to the ground and well away from traffic and driveways to avoid possible damage caused by vehicles.

3. The water in a fire hydrant must always be under pressure so that it can move up the hose and be directed at the fire. If the water inside of a hydrant is not pressurized, the hydrant won't be of any use during an emergency.

4. The water supply to a fire hydrant must be turned on at all times. A permanent water supply ensures that the hydrant is ready to go as soon as an emergency occurs.

Important Fire Hydrant Maintenance Tasks

Because fire hydrants are outside and exposed to the elements, they can fall into disrepair if not properly maintained. Keep your fire hydrant in good condition by having it regularly checked to ensure the following.

1. Every component of a fire hydrant should be kept clean of rust and debris at all times so as not to delay firefighters when they attempt to connect the hose.

2. All fire hydrants need to have a hydrant washer equipped. The washer prevents leaks when the hydrant is in use by sealing off the coupling. A leaking hydrant will be a less effective hydrant.

3. The wheel valve on a fire hydrant should be easy to turn, as it is responsible for opening up the water supply. If the wheel valve is stuck or difficult to move, it will delay firefighters in doing their job.

4. All fire hydrants should have a functional lug that moves freely and allows the hose to be fixed firmly and quickly.

Professional Fire Hydrant Services in Edmonton

At Lavenders Contracting Ltd., we are proud to help keep your property safe with our fire hydrant services in Edmonton. We provide both new fire hydrant installation and fire hydrant repair services among our many site services. If you are required to install a new fire hydrant or need maintenance for your current one, you can trust our team to get the job done right.

For more information on our fire hydrant services in Edmonton, just contact Lavenders Contracting Ltd. today.

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