What Are Manholes

A manhole is essentially a vertical shaft that provides surface access to a stormwater line or a sewer. Manholes are typically located on sewer and stormwater line junctions, alignment changes, size changes, and grade changes. At Lavenders Contracting Ltd., we provide a variety of site and manhole services in Edmonton, including manhole installs and repairs. Here is a quick guide to the purpose of manholes, types of manholes, and manhole maintenance.

Purpose of Manholes 

Manholes serve several important functions in stormwater and sewer systems. The five main purposes of manholes are:

• To provide easy access for stormwater and sewer system inspections.
• To provide easy access for stormwater and sewer maintenance, cleaning, and obstruction removal.
• To ensure that the stormwater or sewer system is laid in proper lengths.
• To allow for changes to the direction and alignment of stormwater and sewer systems.
• To provide proper ventilation so that stormwater and sewer gasses can escape.

Types of Manholes 

Most manholes fall into one of three main categories, characterized by length. These categories are:

• Normal manholes: these types of manholes are typically five feet deep and closed by a heavy manhole cover either rectangular or square in shape.
• Shallow manholes: only two to three feet deep, shallow manholes are usually located in low-traffic areas at the start of a stormwater or sewer branch.
• Deep manholes: any manhole over five feet in depth is considered to be a deep manhole. Deep manholes usually have a built-in ladder to aid in entry.

Manholes and manhole covers can be constructed out of a variety of different materials. Manholes are usually made out of precast concrete, fibreglass, or plastic polyethylene, while manhole covers are usually constructed out of cast iron or concrete. Plastic and fibreglass manhole covers are becoming more common as well.

The type of manhole that will be chosen for a given area will depend on factors such as the size of the sewer or stormwater system as well as the main function that the manhole is intended to serve.

Manhole Maintenance 

Professional manhole services in Edmonton are important for keeping sewage and stormwater systems functioning properly and for maintaining public safety. Some of the most common manhole maintenance tasks are:

• Clearing trash and other debris from inside and around the manhole.
• Checking the manhole structure for damage.
• Checking the manhole cover for damage.
• Verifying that the manhole frame is sitting correctly on the riser rings.
• Inspecting the inside of the manhole for sediment, vegetation growth, and root infiltration.
• Inspecting the inlet and outlet pipes for debris or signs of damage.
• Ensuring that there are no pollutants inside of the manhole, such as oil or gasoline.
• Checking that the ladder (if there is one) is secure and in good condition. 

Site and Manhole Services in Edmonton 

If you require manhole installation, maintenance, repairs, or any type of manhole services in Edmonton, then you can trust Lavenders Contracting Ltd. to get the job done right. We have been providing manhole, catch basin, and other site services for commercial, municipal, industrial, and institutional clients since 1972. For more information on manholes and manhole maintenance, don't hesitate to contact Lavenders Contracting Ltd. today.

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