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Welcome to Our Sewer and Water Line Maintenance Blog

Have you ever been curious about how sewer and water lines work? You can now learn more in our blog. On this page you can learn more about how to properly maintain your sewer and water line to prevent larger issues in the future. Come back regularly for more topics.

  • 28/05/2018 0 Comments
    Fire Hydrants: A Crucial Part of Your Fire Safety Plan

    Fire hydrants and fire hydrant services in Edmonton are a necessary component of protecting your commercial or residential property in the event of a fire. They provide an unlimited source of water for firefighters to put out a blaze. In order to do so, however, they must be properly installed and maintained by a company providing fire hydrant services in Edmonton such as Lavenders Contracting Ltd.

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  • 16/05/2018 0 Comments
    Common Types of Sewer Line Problems

    As it is the largest and most important drain in your home, problems with your main sewer line can cause problems with your entire plumbing system. If these issues are not addressed, then they can eventually cause your sewer line to collapse and fail. A collapsed sewer line on your Edmonton property can cause expensive damage. At Lavenders Contracting, we help prevent collapsed sewer lines in Edmonton by providing sewer line repair and replacement services.

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  • 16/05/2018 0 Comments
    What Are Manholes

    A manhole is essentially a vertical shaft that provides surface access to a stormwater line or a sewer. Manholes are typically located on sewer and stormwater line junctions, alignment changes, size changes, and grade changes. At Lavenders Contracting Ltd., we provide a variety of site and manhole services in Edmonton, including manhole installs and repairs. Here is a quick guide to the purpose of manholes, types of manholes, and manhole maintenance.

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Very Professional

The quality of work provided by Lavenders was actually very good. The services were well done, and the workmen got right at it. I'd use the words "very professional" and we were very please indeed. They knew their job and did it well. Since then, we have already recommended them to other people! 

— B. and M. McLoed, Edmonton, Alberta.

We were quite pleased

Ya, they did a good job but I thought that it was very expensive. The guys were hardworking guys though, and although it was supposed to be a day job, the workers were actually there until 10 or 11 at night. However, they didn't bill us any extra and we were quite pleased with that. The problem appears to be fixed. 

Remarkable, hardworking, respectful crew

Last week your crew, led by Sandy, was at our home replacing a collapsed sewer line…They came and did the work Thursday afternoon (a day early!).... 

They all did a remarkable job. They were hardworking – there was absolutely no slacking off of any kind. They were focused and worked incredibly well at a steady pace. They were respectful of our property, doing all they could to disturb as little as possible while still being able to get the work done. They were respectful of our neighbours as well as they were kind enough to alert our neighbours across the alley from us that they might want to move their cars…so they would not be trapped by your equipment.

They answered all questions. They were always polite. They were kind. They were hardworking and they got the job done. We were and are very impressed by them and because of them would highly recommend your business to anyone who requires these type of services.

— Kelly S., Edmonton, Alberta.

Exceeded our expectations

Sheryl and I would like to thank you for the excellent job done on our recent sewer line replacement. Your crew was professional, helpful and took great care to minimize the impact of a potentially disruptive and messy job. I would say that your service significantly exceeded our expectations. Thank you. 

— Randy D., Edmonton, Alberta.

On time, efficient, and competitive

I always find them to be on time, efficient, and certainly competitive. As a foundation contractor, I require quality services and so I generally call on them about a dozen times a year. 

— Kevin Draddell, 

Abarent Construction.

Did not have to disturb any of the existing landscape

We did some checking around before we chose Lavenders, but I felt that they offered what we were looking for at a reasonable cost. I feel quite fortunate that I was able to find a company that could do what we were looking for without having to dig up the patio, the front lawn, or take out trees because the line went right under a tree. We both chose to use their new Liner system because the existing clay pipe was in a such a badly deteriorated state. They did the service in an efficient manner, on time, and on budget. They cleaned up after themselves very well, and put everything back in place, in the house especially. I would absolutely recommend Lavenders to others for sure. We just found that they were very accommodating! We also had a water line done as well, and they used the Directional Drilling, and again, with that service, they did not have to disturb any of the existing landscape. We are quite pleased over all! 

— Terrence Keller, Edmonton, Alberta.

Perfectly satisfied

From what I have seen from viewing the television screen, I am perfectly satisfied with the quality of work to date. 

— Mr. St. John, Edmonton, Alberta.

We would recommend them to others

We have an apartment building that require upkeep from time to time and have used Lavenders before. We find them to be in the top 5% of what is out there for contractors. We call, they come out, they explain everything to you so that you know exactly what is going on, then they provide you with estimates, and then they do exactly what they say that they will do. They keep the worksite clean and that's important in what we do. We would recommend them to others! 

— Joey, Edmonton, Alberta.

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