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Get Peace of Mind in Edmonton with Video Line Inspection Services

The Camera Does Not Lie

For over 30 years, Lavenders has tried to continually push the boundaries of good service and create a foundation of credibility with our clientele.

In order to make sure that our clients have 100% knowledge of their sewer line problems as we learn it, we have implemented the use of a camera solution that holds us accountable to our valued clients. Customers need to know exactly what their problem is, and with Lavenders Contracting you don’t need to worry about exaggerated claims. The camera does not tell lies. So, when you hire us for repairs and you request it, we are happy to provide a camera video of your line before and after to ensure that the quality of service is completed to your liking.

This technology also enables us to trace the lines of your existing pipes, which helps us to achieve an accurate grade for the new pipes and sewer lines we install.

When you receive camera video or your line time, Lavenders provides you with a free estimate of the cost of line replacement. Contact us with any questions or to learn more.

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