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Sewer & Water Line Replacement

Relining Old Pipes and Fixing Collapsed Sewer Lines in Edmonton

Permanent Solutions for Sewer Line Problems

Just like anything in your home, sewer lines become more likely to experience backups, blockages, collapses and other problems as they age. Left unchecked or unrepaired, you might be on your way to expensive damage to your home. Call Lavenders Contracting for water line repair and sewage line replacement, including trenchless sewage lines.

Relining Old Pipes in Your Edmonton Home

There are a number of issues that can lead you to needing to reline old pipes. Collapsed sewer lines in your Edmonton home can be caused by tree roots that infiltrate the lines over time. Tree root incursion weakens the pipe wall and the joints. Wastewater can then escape the pipe itself and erode the soil around it, causing further issues.

You may also need to reline pipes if they are offset. Offset and misaligned joints can also allow wastewater to escape and erode the surrounding soil. This eventually causes the pipe itself to collapse. Finally, if you have an older home it may contain Orangeberg pipe. Orangeberg pipe is a form of compressed tar paper that was manufactured during World War II as metal was used in the war effort. The constant moisture in the soil can cause this type of pipe to degrade over time.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Lavenders Contracting has specialized equipment that makes it possible to follow the lines of your existing pipes, which in turn enables us to achieve the correct grade. We then use an expander to core your lines, which opens and breaks up the existing bad pipe while expanding the size of the hole.

Our next step is to install new 4” high ABS pipe, section by section, so that we are confident we have a perfect fit and that the pipe is laid at the proper grade. ABS pipe is designed to be a permanent sewer line replacement solution that you can expect to last for many, many decades. Lavenders Contracting believes in both the pipe and our workmanship, so we are pleased to offer you a 10 year or lifetime warranty for as long as you own the property.

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