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Catch Basins

We Maintain and Repair Catch Basins for Edmonton Property Owners

When water runs off the surface of your property toward the street, it carries soil, stones, fallen leaves and other debris with it. If all of the debris got into the main drain lines, those pipes would soon be blocked and you would be faced with back-ups and potential damage to your property. Catch basins, also called storm drains, are installed to hold stormwater and snowmelt long enough for debris to settle before the water flows into the drains. Debris and sediment naturally build up in the catch basin, making it less effective over time – and that’s when most people call Lavenders Contracting for service of catch basins in Edmonton. While we will promptly dispatch a trained crew for 24/7 service and repairs, we would strongly recommend that you call us for seasonal proactive maintenance of catch basins to prevent the mess and inconvenience of blocked catch basins and drain lines.

Be Alert to Catch Basin Problems

How can you tell if your catch basin is beginning to fill up or fail? A common sign is water pooling at the top of the catch basin because of the debris already packed into it. If you see water ponding around the catch basin but not draining into it, you may also need to have your property graded correctly so the slope channels water into the catch basin. A more alarming sign is the formation of a sinkhole adjacent to the catch basin, an indication that the catch basin or drain pipe is clogged, broken and leaking water.

When you call Lavenders Contracting Ltd. to deal with these problems, our trained operators can diagnose the problem quickly and accurately, using video inspection if necessary. Typically, the catch basin is cleaned with hydrovac equipment to remove sediments. Blocked drain lines can be thoroughly cleaned with a combination of snaking and flushing. We can also handle drain line repairs and replacements while minimizing impact on your landscaping.

Catch Basin Installations

In Edmonton, catch basins are placed at regular intervals along roadway gutters so that runoff doesn’t have to run more than 120 meters before entering a catch basin. However, Edmonton property owners, especially those who have experienced flooding, have taken the initiative to install additional catch basins. Lavenders Contracting offers catch basin installations to either replace or supplement existing catch basins in Edmonton. Our experience ensures that your project will be efficiently completed, leaving you with a tidy concrete apron around a properly sized catch basin for your drainage needs and site grading that channels surface water into the catch basin.

Your “Almost Spring” Cleaning: Preventative Maintenance for Your Catch Basin

Avoid catch basin problems with proactive service! Call Lavenders Contracting before the annual spring melt and we’ll come out to remove built-up sediments with hydrovac equipment, inspect drainage systems and prepare catch basins in Edmonton to handle meltwater and summer storms. Our affordable cleaning service is an investment that will save you the expense and inconvenience of back-ups, flooding and water damage.

Lavenders Contracting has been Edmonton’s choice for site services since 1972. Our experienced technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that catch basins in Edmonton are installed, serviced and maintained to effectively protect our community from flooding. Contact Lavenders Contracting for an estimate on our site drainage services.

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