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Fire Hydrants

Putting Safety First, Fire Hydrant Services in Edmonton

No matter how much we plan ahead, sometimes disasters are unavoidable. That’s why it’s important to be prepared with the proper equipment and safety plans. In the case of fires at your commercial or industrial site, fire hydrants are the necessary tool to protect your employees, customers and property.

If your commercial or industrial site doesn’t have proper access to a fire hydrant or an old fire hydrant needs replacement, you need to remedy this situation immediately. Lavenders Contracting Ltd. offers fire hydrant services in Edmonton to ensure the health and safety of those on-site is protected at all times.

Considerations for Fire Hydrant Installation

Many guidelines pertain to fire hydrant installation, such as distance from buildings, water mains, park furniture and other areas people may occupy at the time of fire hydrant use and flushing. Fire hydrants also must have unobstructed access for firefighting purposes. They must meet certain guidelines for hose outlet heights, and they need to be protected if subject to mechanical damage.

More specifically, hydrants must be located:

  • 2.9m behind curb faces with monolithic walks
  • 1.5m behind curb faces with walks greater than 2m into the boulevard
  • 3m from the curb face, except for those with wider walks
  • 1.8m from the edge of any driveway
  • At the intersecting street of a cul-de-sac of 90m or less

As such, a great deal of planning is required for fire hydrant installation. Details need to be coordinated among all parties involved at the site, from our installation team to your landscaping company. Grading, elevations and landscaping can greatly affect the end result of our fire hydrant services in Edmonton, so we must have communication between all teams to ensure the hydrant installation is compatible with the final grade elevation, utility poles and cabinets as well as other equipment.

Contact Us for Fire Hydrant Services in Edmonton

If your commercial, industrial, condominium or municipal site is required to install a new fire hydrant, contact Lavenders Contacting Ltd. Our team is certified in CSTS, First Aid, H2S Alive and Ground Disturbance & Safe Trenching, which enables us to provide effective installation and repair services for fire hydrants as well as sewers and water lines. For all of your fire hydrant services in Edmonton, be sure to rely on the best. Call Lavenders Contracting Ltd. today to learn more.

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