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Manholes Services in Edmonton

Manholes are typically in urban areas under sidewalks or in the streets. They are used for cable chambers, maintenance and inspections for sewer systems. Manholes are access points where the connection of sewer, water and utilities meet. They have valve adjustments and provide housing for other underground utilities such as electricity, gas and telephone wires.

In Edmonton, it’s important that all commercial, industrial or multi-storey residential buildings with connections to sewage build and maintain manholes. As this is the responsibility of the owner or operator, you can rely on Lavenders Contracting Ltd. to get the job done for you.

If your industrial, commercial, condominium or municipal building site is in need of manhole services in Edmonton, contact Lavenders Contracting Ltd. We provide manhole installation on sites where municipal service ends at property boundaries.

Commercial & Industrial Manhole Installation

Manholes are chambers constructed at intervals along sewer line routes that provide access to the sewer lines and other underground utilities. They can be used to perform inspections as well as clean and remove obstructions blocking sewer lines.

To perform their duties properly, manholes must be installed with precision. The first step is to excavate the area to the required depth. Next, we carefully lower the concrete base into the hole, ensuring it aligns with pipes and joints properly. Finally, our team connects the pipes and joints and installs the manhole cover.

Types of Manholes We Service

The team at Lavenders Contracting Ltd. has experience installing many different types of manholes. If you’re seeking manhole services in Edmonton, we can excavate and install:

  • Shallow manholes: Often utilized in low traffic areas, shallow manholes typically have a depth of 75cm to 90cm and are placed at the first branch of a sewer. Lightweight covers are placed over them so it can be removed for inspections. 
  • Normal manholes: Typically in heavy traffic areas, normal manholes reach depths of 150cm. They also have heavier, rectangular or square covers over them due to the heavier traffic. 
  • Deep manholes: Used for deeper entry for inspections, deep manholes have depths of over 150cm and are covered with heavy tops. Their size increases gradually to allow for inspection entry.

Contact Us for Manhole Services in Edmonton

If you’re building a new construction or there have been code changes for commercial and industrial buildings, you many need manhole installation where you previously did not. Lavenders Contracting Ltd. offers a range of manhole services in Edmonton to help commercial and industrial buildings meet manhole codes and requirements. Our manhole services go hand-in-hand with our water and sewer line services, so if you need more than just a manhole installed, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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